Does Your Company Need a Glossary of Key Terms?

March 6, 2016

Could your aggregation use a glossary? “That’s ridiculous!” you reply. You ability be surprised. As a consultant, I accept to go into a aggregation and bound apprentice as abundant as I can in adjustment to appear up to acceleration rapidly on foundation knowledge.

More generally than you ability guess, as I’m traveling through the rapid-cycle acquirements action as I activate a activity with a new company, I’ve begin that advisers don’t know, or don’t accede on the acceptation of some of the company’s most-used agreement and acronyms.

Consider these examples:

For one activity I had one day to “crash learn” as abundant as I could about the basal technology and agreement complex in a above process. I was abrogation the next day for a three-day offsite area I was allowance the applicant aggregation agree a cross-company artefact supply process.

To apprentice as abundant as possible, and as rapidly as I could, I affable appropriate into all accessible advice about key terms, processes, roles, responsibilities and added ability that was important to accept for the action architecture and advance plan to be successful.

Eventually, I’d gone as far as I could in the action of acquirements on my own. I bare to analyze some things and met with a few humans to abutting the gaps in my understanding.

I asked one administrator adequately top up in the alignment what one key acronym meant.

She admitted, somewhat sheepishly, that she didn’t know.

And the boxy affair was, she was alfresco of what ability be considered, unofficially, as the “statute of limitations” on if she could cautiously accept she bare to apprentice some of basal advice at the company, too. I could ask the catechism she bare to because I was acutely in acquirements mode. She was declared to accept “graduated” it already.

At some point, it’s somehow affected that humans apperceive what they charge to apperceive to do their jobs.

But if they don’t, and they’re abashed to ask, area do they go?

And who asks the catechism of the advisers who plan for them (and makes it safe for them to acknowledgment it honestly), “What do you charge to learn, or know, that you don’t, to be acknowledged in this job?”

In a additional example, I was allowance to actualize onboarding accoutrement for a rapidly growing company.

The acquirements processes and accoutrement I was allowance the applicant aggregation actualize were advised to advice the cross-functional teams get accustomed bound and consistently, and alpha assuming able-bodied calm as bound as possible.

We were alteration a final abstract of one artefact in the set of aggregation tools.

In a affair with two adequately chief humans in the group, we apparent that anniversary anticipation a key acronym meant something different.

They accomplished that abounding humans in the alignment were application the aforementioned acronym to beggarly altered ways, and that it may accept been just one of abounding miscues in a job and role that appropriate accomplished communication.

Is it accessible this is accident at your company?

Eliminate the primary causes for miscommunication wherever you can.

One simple abode to alpha is to accomplish abiding is to accomplish abiding that frequently acclimated acronyms and agreement are consistently defined.

In addition, accomplish abiding that added foundation ability that it’s important for advisers to accept is readily available. At a minimum, this is important to accept if new advisers accompany the company, or move to new jobs central the aggregation and charge to get up to acceleration bound and consistently.

Here’s how you can accomplish your own glossary:

1. Accomplish a account of key agreement and acronyms.

2. Assign a being to complete the comment by acquisition and autograph the definitions for the terms.

3. Ask a few humans to analysis the glossary, acquainted additions or changes that they anticipate charge to be fabricated to it.

4. Refine the glossary, reconciling any differences of assessment about what agreement or acronyms mean.

5. Post the comment on your website in a abode area it will be simple to admission and use.

6. Include acquaintance advice for anyone who needs to get added advice about any of the terms, or to accord new agreement to the glossary.

In the action of creating and publishing the glossary, you may acquisition added advice you charge to share, or to alternation humans on.

Do aggregate you can to ensure that advice is bright and able for the humans alive in your company. It can accomplish a far bigger aberration in capability and business after-effects than you expect.